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Michael Starr


Michael Starr has worked at Sandia for over 18 years since receiving his PhD in Engineering Mechanics from University of Wisconsin – Madison. He currently manages the Structural & Thermal Analysis department, which develops predictive multi-physics models for the conveyance, storage, disposal, aging, and safety of radioactive materials. The department specializes in problems with risk-relevance, substantial uncertainty, and computational complexity for many types of physics phenomena and supports testing for the collection of validation and qualification evidence. He is the program manager for Systems, Structures, and Materials within the Nuclear Energy Safety and Security Program, which supports DOE regulatory agencies.

As a member of the technical staff, his work focused on the hierarchical modeling of contact and friction in dynamic jointed structures and numerical implementations of generalized energy dissipation in structural dynamics. He was a principal member of the ASME Research Committee of the Mechanics of Jointed Structures and developed Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics application guidance for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Michael was the Environmental Specifications Lead for two Nuclear Deterrence Life Extension Programs and recently co-led the Sandia Blast and Impact Team providing launch safety certification evidence for the Mars2020 Perseverance Rover. He has been a team member on two NNSA Defense Programs Awards of Excellence and three Sandia Employee Recognition Awards for design and acceptance of Life Extension Programs and Advanced Scientific Computing simulation capabilities.