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Cyber-Energy Emulation Platform (CEEP)

Stage: Development

Information-technology systems that comprise smart-grid infrastructure face challenges to ensure resilient and scalable architectures that are amenable to continued integration and deployment—like patching vulnerable systems with minimal down time and orchestrating virtual machine containers for system reconfiguration. Researchers at NREL have developed the Cyber-Energy Emulation Platform (CEEP), an integrated co-simulation, hardware-in-the-loop, and visualization platform that enables robust grid emulation, rapid scaling, and visualization of all co-simulation layers. The CEEP platform functions as an experiment-as-a-service to explore and identify cyber-energy security and resilience systems/methods as viable solutions for grid deployment, distribution, data collection, data analysis, intrusion detection, and mitigation systems/methodologies.

NREL’s Cyber-Energy Emulation Platform (CEEP) provides the capability to realize cyber-energy security and resilience through automation and orchestration of virtualized systems and software defined networks for the electric grid. CEEP enables testing and validation of grid-security and -control methodologies as the grid evolves to include smart technologies/systems, such as virtualization and containerization of grid components, software defined networking, simulation and co-simulation frameworks, and hardware in the loop. CEEP is a modular system that can be distributed and deployed across different hardware infrastructure sizes and network architectures.

For example, CEEP can visualize, emulate, and/or coordinate the Smart-Grid Network Visualization, Intrusion Detection, and Network Healing system. Using CEEP, intrusion-detection and network-self-healing solutions can be deployed at grid control centers, within secure private clouds, and in cyber-energy appliances.

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SWR 19-53, 19-64, 19-65, and 20-102.

Applications and Industries

  • Smart-grid SCADA system design and component manufacturing
  • Smart-grid interface software-as-a-service providers
  • Grid engineering service contractors
  • Grid operators
  • Cloud-database operators or design services
  • Communication-network operators


NREL’s Cyber-Energy Emulation Platform (CEEP) facilitates the

  • 3D visualization of virtual worlds and near-real time hybrid data sets within a web user interface,
  • data handling of hybrid alerts/events,
  • orchestration and/or deployment of virtualized systems and software-defined networks,
  • orchestration and/or deployment of HIDES modules/software, and
  • orchestration and/or deployment of SHARP-Net modules/software.